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As a doctor, nurse, locum or GP you are required to undertake Basic Life Support, BLS training on a yearly basis to complete your professional membership. We offer an online CPR training course for Doctors, Locums, Nurses, GP’s, which will meet your yearly course requirements.

This online BLS course complies with the latest ERC and UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines and is conducted using a video based learning system, with instructor led presentations and you can rewind each video segment to gain a better understanding of the course content.

CPD Certified video based E-Learning for Doctors, Nurses, GP’s, Locums, Paramedics, basic life support course.

Registration & Additional Information

  • Video Training Programme
  • Print Your Certificate
  • CPD Certified: 3 Hours
  • Course fee includes all certification
  • Course fee: £24.95 + vat

Video based learning, CPD certified Basic life support training for the healthcare professional programme, BLS course online, click here to register and start

Our basic life support online course is also CPD certified and is available with 3 hours of CPD time credits, which can be downloaded on successful completion of the training and on registration you will also be able to download all course materials associated with this online BLS training Doctors course programme, so that you can follow the course structure as you progress through the course.

Once you have successfully completed this CPR training programme you will be able to print your CPR for healthcare professional certification, or download a pdf copy for your records.

You will also automatically be reminded when your certification is due for renewal.

Basic Life Support & AED Combined Training Available

  • Video Training Programme
  • Print Your Certificate
  • CPD Certified: 4 Hours
  • Course fee includes all certification
  • Course fee: £34.95 + vat

BLS and AED training online for healthcare providers, cpd certified combined course, click here to register and start your programme.

We also offer a level 2 BLS, AED combined course and this duel qualification will offer the healthcare provider the opportunity to provide effective emergency lifesaving basic life support and first aid care using an AED.

This is achieved through the understanding of the BLS/AED algorithm and the responsibilities and treatment principles of AED use.

Over 3 hours of training video are available with our BLS and AED combined course and for a more detailed description and to see the programme content see our BLS Combined Course page.

Basic Life Support Course Content, Click To View

  • Introduction & Fears of First Aid, Asking Permission to Help, Scene Safety
  • Chain of Survival, ABCD’s, Initial Assessment, Stop Think Act
  • Barriers, Face Shields, Adult Bag Valve Mask
  • Cardiac Arrest, Adult, Child, Infant CPR & Hand Over
  • AED introduction & Basic Oxygen use
  • Conscious Adult, Child, Infant Choking, Unconscious Adult, Child, Infant Choking

This online BLS training healthcare professionals course complies with the latest ERC and UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines and is aimed at healthcare professionals and providers, with a duty to respond.

We offer many more additional online training courses that are suitable for healthcare providers and providers. Select your required course picture below to be taken to the course registration page, or select the course text for additional information.

CPR Certification Online Training For Healthcare Professionals, online bls training and E-Learning CPR course for Doctors, Nurses, Locums, GP’s.

Using our network of first aid instructors we can also offer onsite CPR training for Doctors Surgeries and we can “fit in” to suit your working schedule. For additional information regarding this service that we offer please contact us through our contact us page.