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Mandatory Training Courses Available Online

We offer recognised online mandatory training courses for healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, dentists, GP’s, locums, dental nurses & technicians and all can be completed at a time that is convenient to you. Our training will help you to stay compliant with your healthcare professional & dental training course requirements.

Our courses are CPD certified and also meet the requirements set out by the Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Skills for Care, UK Health and Safety Executive and other professional and regulatory bodies.

These online mandatory training courses we have available offer a range of up to 30 courses within a package, so that you can select the required elements you would like to complete. Each completed element has it own certification, which can be downloaded and printed on successful completion of the programme.

By completing our online mandatory training programmes we can help you achieve results in training and can also offer you a very cost effect training solution to help you stay compliant with your training course requirements. These courses are an ideal learning platform for all healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, GP’s, dentists & dental nurses, locum doctors and more.

Mandatory Training Courses

For Nurses

For GP’s

For Doctors

For Dentists

For Locum Doctors

For Dental Nurses

You can register and start your required training programme by selecting the course image above, which will take you to the course page where you will find all course information and the “Begin Your Course” button, which will register you for training.

If you would like any additional information then please contact us through our contact us page.