Handling Violence and Aggression

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CPD certified online conflict management & resolution training for doctors, nurses, GPs, Locums, care home staff, domiciliary carers.

We offer this online handling violence and aggression training for NHS workers and the healthcare professional. This includes nurses, doctors, GP’s, paramedics and locums.

This e-learning course is also ideal for dentists and dental nurses, but also care home staff, including domiciliary carers.

Our online handling violence & aggression training is CPD Certified and is very easy to complete. Importantly, this course will help you understand how to combat violence & aggression within the workplace and help you to stay compliant with your training course requirements.

The content of our online handling of violence and aggression training course has been developed in line with the latest UK legislation and meets the requirements set out by the National Health Service (NHS).

Also the Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Skills for Care, UK Health & Safety Executive plus many additional professional and regulatory bodies.


E-learning programme, violence and aggression handling training online for National Health Service workers, doctors, nurses, locums, GP’s, paramedics, care home staff, domiciliary carers.

Importantly, this online course is an ideal training platform for healthcare professionals. These include doctors, gp’s, nurses, dentists, paramedics.

But also social service personnel including social workers and care home staff, including domiciliary carers. This e-learning course is also ideal for anyone who would like to gain a violence and aggression training certification.

It is important that NHS staff, healthcare workers and care home staff, including domiciliary carers feel safe in their working environment. Feeling unsafe not only affects them personally but also can have a negative impact upon the standard of service and patient care that is delivered.

The aims of this training course is to provide the learner with a clear understanding of the legislation regarding the handling violence & aggression. Also to provide the learner with proven techniques to handle violence.

Who is this training course suitable for?
Our online handling violence and aggression training nhs staff is suitable for all healthcare professionals, or social care professionals. Those working with adults in clinical and or non-clinical staff roles, in the National Health Service, private health care and also within community settings including:

  • National Health Service Staff & Workers
  • Doctors, GP’s, Locums and also agency nurses
  • Allied health professionals
  • Health care assistants (HCA’s)
  • Health and social care support workers
  • Nursing and residential care home staff
  • Domiciliary carers

Online Conflict Management Training For Healthcare, what’s covered?

  • Introduction to the management of violence in the workplace
  • Definition of aggression and the main forms of
  • Purposes of aggression and the main types
  • Factors that can influence aggression in the workplace
  • Definition of and who is at risk of workplace violence and should it concern you
  • What the law says about violence in the workplace
  • Effective management and stages of handling aggression in the workplace
  • Why it is important to support victims in the workplace.

Course Certification
Violence and aggression in the workplace training online suitable for NHS workers, healthcare professionals, care home staff & domiciliary carers.

On successful completion of this e-learning course, you will be able to download, save or print a quality assured CPD certificate.

Our CPD certificate can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.

Additional Training Available
We also many additional courses that are suitable for the healthcare & social care professional. Some of our courses include Healthcare Lone Worker training and also Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults.

We also offer a dedicated safeguarding training website, offering level 2 & level 3 training courses. Additional information can be found by following this link to our Online Safeguarding Training website.

All of our online training courses and programs are accredited by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

3 reviews for Handling Violence and Aggression

  1. Cilla L

    A lot of information to digest, I enjoyed the training

  2. Louis P

    I enjoyed the course and found the content interesting

  3. Susan P

    Very good and I really enjoyed the programme

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