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CPD Certified Online Moving and Positioning of People Course

This online moving and positioning of people training course is ideal for healthcare workers as well as individual nurses, doctors, GP’s, care home staff, or any healthcare professional as this course is designed to meet the requirements and recommendations of the HSE Manual Handling Regulations 1992 as well as other relevant regulations and guidelines.

Conducting this online course will help you develop your knowledge and skill in relation to moving and handling, including:
  • The reasons for safe moving and handling
  • Why it is important to conduct risk assessment
  • The principles of safe manual handling
  • The safe application of manual handling skills
  • Personal safety, health and dignity issues
You will also develop the specialist knowledge and skills related to moving safely, including:
  • Importance of risk assessment, handling plans to reduce the risk of injury
  • Principles of use of different types of equipment
  • The safe application of moving person skills

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Registration & Additional Information

  • Video Training Programme
  • Over 2 Hours of Training Video
  • Print Your Certificate
  • CPD Certified
  • 1 Year Certification
  • Course Fee: £24.95 + vat
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This online moving and positioning of people training qualification for healthcare is intended as a further development qualification for those working in areas where the assistance and movement of people is an essential part of their working day. Individuals gaining this qualification will learn that any moving and handling must be carried out correctly and recognise the importance of this, thus helping to ensure a safer working environment.

This online moving & position people training course is also CPD certified and is available with 4 hours of CPD time credits, which can be downloaded on successful completion of the training and this programme is ideal for locums, paramedics, doctors, nurses, GP’s, or any medical professional and provider who would like to gain an up to date moving and positioning certificate.

Course Content

Course Content, Click To View

  • How and Why we Lift Correctly
  • Manager’s Duties, Assessing Risks, Assessing the Individual Move
  • Your Spine & Anatomy of an Injury and When an Accident Occurs
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Workstation and VDU safety
  • Moving and Lifting Objects, Intro to Box Lifting
  • Single Person Lift, Two Person Lifting, Working Together, Moving Unusual Objects, Odd-Shaped Objects, Pushing and Pulling
  • Moving and Positioning, Childcare Lifting Technique
  • One Person Lifting Manually, Non-Urgent Person Moving, Urgent Person Moving
  • Mechanical Device, Walking Frames, Wheelchairs, Moving Belts, Hoist, Slings, Rotunda
  • Lifting Aids (optional)
  • Using Lifting Aids, Motorised Lifting Aids, Conveyor Belts, Pallet Truck, Sack Truck, Trolley

Our online moving people course healthcare worker training programme is ideal for nurses, locums, doctors, care assistants, gp’s, or any healthcare worker working within the care sector.

online moving and positioning of people course for Doctors, Nurses, Locums, GP’s, care workers, cpd certified training for all healthcare professionals and the care sector.

For any additional information that you may require regarding our cpd certified online certification that we offer, either for this moving and handling of people programme, or any additional training that we offer please contact us through our contact us page.