Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Level 3 Certification, Training Online Via E-Learning

We offer an online level 3 safeguarding adults course, which is an ideal learning solution for care home staff, including domiciliary carers, healthcare providers, including all NHS staff, including doctors, nurses and GP’s or anyone who is required to hold level 3 certification for safeguarding of vulnerable adults.

This online safeguarding adults training is CPD certified and holds a level 3 certification, follows the latest UK legislation and meets the requirements set out by the National Health Service (NHS), Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Skills for Care, UK Health and Safety Executive and other professional and regulatory bodies.

Stay compliant with your safeguarding training

Gain level 3 SOVA certification now.

Registration & Additional Information

  • Print Your Certificate
  • CPD Certified & CQC Compliant
  • Level 3 Certification
  • Course fee includes certification
  • Course Fee: £24.99 + vat

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This online safeguarding vulnerable adults training programme is cpd certified and also CQC compliant and is an ideal learning platform for domiciliary carers, all residential care home staff, doctors, nurses, locums, GP’s, social care workers, or any health & social care provider who is required to hold valid and up to date level 3 sova certification.

Once you have completed the simple registration process, by clicking the “Begin Training” button on the left, your course will be completed through your own secure training area.

Once you have started your course you can leave the programme and return another day, as the course resumes from where you originally left.

Our e-learning programme offers free level 3 safeguarding vulnerable adults training certification, which can be downloaded and printed once you have successfully completed your training course.

Understand how to protect vulnerable adults and learn what constitutes abuse and neglect with our e-learning level 3 training programme. This course is an ideal learning platform for residential care home staff, including domiciliary carers, doctors, nurses & all healthcare professionals & providers and gain certification at a time that is convenient to you.

Course Content

Course Content, Click To View

  • What is SOVA
  • How to support vulnerable people & how to keep people safe
  • How do you respond to alerts
  • Current legislation
  • Understand the mental capacity act
  • Understand the purpose & importance of report writing
  • How to plan an adult protection investigation
  • How to provide strong leadership and how to make safeguarding integral to care
  • How to use systems and standards to prevent and respond to neglect and abuse

Stay compliant with your level 3 safeguarding adults certification, complete our online course now and gain up to date level 3 sova certification.

Safeguarding vulnerable adults certification online, level 3 sova course suitable for domiciliary carers, Doctors, Nurses, Locums, GP’s and all healthcare professionals and providers and residential care home staff.

For additional information regarding this safeguarding course that we offer, or our level 3 safeguarding children, or any of the basic life support, or immediate life support programmes we have available please contact us through our contact us page.